This is a list of episodes from the Slayers REVOLUTION anime series.

AMAZING 驚愕のドラグスレイブ!? AMAZING Astonishing Dragon Slave!?

BECAUSE それはリナ=インバースだから! BECAUSE It is because she is Lina Inverse

CHASE 終わりなき追走 CHASE Never ending pursuit

DRIFTER どっちが追うか追われるか! DRIFTER Chasing or to be chased

ETERNAL 悠久に眠れし森 ETERNAL The forest that has slept from the ancient time

FALL ON 奇祭! 珍祭? あの玉を押しあげろ! FALL ON Peculiar Festival! Unusual Festival? Lift that ball up!

GORGEOUS 狙われた豪華客船? GORGEOUS The Luxury Yacht is the Target?

HURRY UP つっこめっ! いや、つっこむな? HURRY UP Interfere! What, don't interfere?

INSIDER 真実を知るもの! INSIDER He who knows the real Truth!

JUDGMENT 蘇る白銀! JUDGEMENT The silver one resurrects!

KEEP OUT しのびよる魔獣! KEEP OUT the approaching magical beast!

LEGACY 決戦セイルーン! LEGACY Decisive battle on Saillune!

MISTY 振り下ろされる刃! MISTY The downward swing sword!

Trivia: As well as in the episode titles in Slayers , the episode titles of Slayers REVOLUTION are in alphabetical order according to the 26-letter Latin alphabet, up to the m.

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