This is a list of episodes from the first Slayers anime series.

  • EP01 (Slayers): Angry? リナいかりのドラグスレイブ! Angry? Lina's Furious Dragon Slave!
  • EP02 (Slayers): Bad! ミイラおとこ趣味しゅみじゃない! Bad! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!
  • EP03 (Slayers): Crash! 激突げきとつあかいのしろいのかいしいの! Crash! Clashing, Red, White, and Suspicious!
  • EP04 (Slayers): Dash! げろ!魔法まほう使つかえない? Dash! Run for It! Magic Doesn't Work?
  • EP05 (Slayers): Escape! ほのお半魚人はんぎょじんヌンサ! Escape! Noonsa, the Flaming Fish-man!
  • EP06 (Slayers): Focus! 本当ほんとうてきはレゾ? Focus! The Real Enemy is Rezo?
  • EP07 (Slayers): Give Up 寸前すんぜん?必殺ひっさつけんっ!! Give Up! But Just Before we do, the Sure-Kill Sword Appears!!
  • EP08 (Slayers): Help! シャブラニグドゥ復活ふっかつ!! Help! Shabranigdu is Reborn!!
  • EP09 (Slayers): Impact! 脅威きょうい決戦けっせん前夜ぜんや! Impact! The Eve of the Decisive Battle!
  • EP10 (Slayers): Jackpot! のるかそるかのおおバクチ! Jackpot! The Big Gamble of Winning or Losing!
  • EP11 (Slayers): Knock Out! セイルーンお家騒動いえそうどう Knock Out! The Saillune Family Feud
  • EP12 (Slayers): Lovely! アメリアの魔法まほう修業しゅうぎょう Lovely! Amelia's Magic Training!
  • EP13 (Slayers): Money! 賞金稼しょうきんかせぎをブチのめせっ!! Money! Crush Those Bounty Hunters!
  • EP14 (Slayers): Navigation! サイラーグへの招待状しょうたいじょう! Navigation! An Invitation to Sairaag!
  • EP15 (Slayers): Oh no! リナの結婚けっこん狂想曲きょうそうきょく? Oh no! Lina's Wedding Rhapsody?
  • EP16 (Slayers): Passion! 舞台ぶたいにかける青春せいしゅん? Passion! Shall We Activate Our Youth for the Stage?
  • EP17 (Slayers): Question? あの?にプロポーズ! Question? He's Proposing to THAT Girl?
  • EP18 (Slayers): Return! あか法師ほうしふたたび! Return! The Red Priest is Back!
  • EP19 (Slayers): Shock! サイラーグ崩壊ほうかい Shock! Sairaag Falls
  • EP20 (Slayers): Trouble! あらし半魚人はんぎょじんラハニム♥ Trouble! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish-man!
  • EP21 (Slayers): Upset! ガウリイVSザングルス Upset! Gourry VS Zangulus
  • EP22 (Slayers): Vice! のこすされしものたち Vice! The One Who Was Left Behind!
  • EP23 (Slayers): Warning! エリスの執念しゅうねん! Warning! Eris's Wrath!
  • EP24 (Slayers): X-DAY よみがえる魔獣まけもの! X-DAY! The Beast is Reborn!
  • EP25 (Slayers): YES! 最後さいご希望きぼう祝福の剣ブレス・ブレード YES! A Final Hope, the Bless Blade
  • EP26 (Slayers): Zap! 勝利しょうりはあたしのためにある Zap! Victory is Always Mine!

Trivia: The episode titles in Slayers are in alphabetical order according to the 26-letter Latin alphabet.

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