Valwin from the Knight of Aqualord manga

Airlord Valwin (Japanese: 空竜王エアロード バールウイン Romaji: earōdo bāruuin) is one of the four Dragon Kings left by Flare Dragon Ceifeed before his death after the last battle against the ma-ō Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Like his three siblings, Valwin possesses less than quarter of the original power of Ceifeed. Airlord protects the western zone of the Slayers world.

Valwin appears in the Knight of Aqualord manga. Lina Inverse seeks him out at the Tower of Wind so that she can use his divine power to defeat Huraker. Valwin takes the form of a large humanoid, wearing a hut's roof as a hat, and a white cloth over his face. He seems to be holding a palm tree with his mouth, as if it were a twig. He is initially indifferent to Lina's requests for aid, but eventually takes an interest in her words. After testing her, he puts a mark on the back of her right hand which allows her to call upon his power. He says that although humans have misused his power in the past, he wants to believe in them.

During the conversation between Lina and Valwin, it is revealed that, like the mazoku, Valwin and the other shinzoku exist mainly on the astral side. Valwin also reveals that he considers humans and their affairs to be fairly insignificant overall.