Shinzoku and Mazoku Lord Plane Chart

The chart as seen in Lost Universe

This chart was shown in the endings of both the Lost Universe anime and Slayers TRY, and during the last episode of Slayers REVOLUTION. In addition to the other Plane chart, which depicts the four Ma-ō under the Lord of Nightmares as well as Shabranigdu's five subordinates below his symbol, this chart covers a broader subject matter, and depicts the entire dichotomy of the Slayers Universe.

In the middle is the symbol for the Lord of Nightmares, and lines are drawn from there to each of the shinzoku and mazoku leaders. The major significance of this chart is that it shows the symbols of the four shinzoku as well as of the four ma-ō in pairs for each world on opposing sides. Blue Dragon and Chaotic Blue are at the top, followed by Night Dragon Vorfeed and Dark Star Dugradigdu. Below them are Ceifeed and Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, and finally, the symbols for the White Dragon and Death Fog are at the bottom, above the ouroboros.

It's interesting to note that the two-headed bird in the center has both feathery and leathery wings, symbolizing that the two sides of the chart belong to the shinzoku and the mazoku.


A portion of the chart in higher resolution, as seen in Slayers Revolution (click to view)