Armace (Japanese: アルメイス Romaji: arumeisu, also romanized as Almayce) is a shinzoku and one of the three subordinates of Night Dragon Vorfeed. His Japanese voice is done by Chafūrin and his English voice is supplied by Michael Alston Bailey.

After Dark Star Dugradigdu destroyed the realm where the events of the Lost Universe anime took place (referred to as the Overworld by characters in the Slayers universe), Armace and the other subordinates of Vorfeed looked for a way to destroy Dugradigdu and restore peace to their world. Eventually, they learned of Dark Star's five weapons, some of which were hidden in the Slayers world. Armace later allied himself with Valgarv and lended him Ragudo Mezegis to use. If Valgarv helped Vorfeed's subordinates with finding the weapons, they would help him avenge the death of Chaos Dragon Garv. However, Valgarv betrayed Armace, though from Valgarv's point of view it was the other way around, and summoned Dugradigdu ahead of time. It was only because of the quick acting of Erulogos and Sirius that the gate temporarily closed back up.

Armace character design art

Like Sirius, and unlike Erulogos, Armace showed compassion for humans and preferred not to create unnecessary conflicts. He was also a bit of a fatalist, making no attempt to stop Lina when she attempted to cast the Giga Slave when Valgarv summoned Dugradigdu before all of this weapons were gathered; he merely lowered his head as Amelia begged him to intervene. Along with his own world, he also wanted to save the world of the Slayers from Dugradigdu's power. Because of this, he and Erulogos often had verbal clashes, and during the recovery of Galveira, his fellow shinzoku killed him when he failed to get the weapon from Lina Inverse.

Being from the "Overworld", it was stated that Armace did not take his astral body with him to this dimension, making him immune to all the non-elemental magic of the Slayers world. The only spell that was able to damage Armace was the Ragna Blade.