Black magic (Japanese: 黒魔法, lit. kuro mahō) spells draw power from mazoku, and are all offensive.

Three kinds of spells make up this category: Spells that rely on mazoku forces in general (a good example is Blast Ash), spells that use the power of a specific being (such as Dragon Slave), and curses and summoning spells. The ones that draw upon specific mazoku are generally the most powerful. After the creation of the mazoku barrier during the Kōma War, and the subsequent prevalence of mazoku within it, black magic grew in popularity. Outside of the formerly barriered area, however, this type of magic is undeveloped, most likely because of a general absence of mazoku.

When a mazoku is destroyed, any spells that draw on his or her power will no longer work. The most notable example is Garv Flare, which stopped working after Chaos Dragon Garv's destruction.

General spells[]

Mazoku-specific spells[]

Curses/summoning spells[]