Blast Bomb (暴爆呪(ブラスト・ボム) burasuto bomu?, kanji: lit. "Outburst Bomb Spell") is the most powerful known fire shamanistic spell[1], its power rivals or perhaps even exceeds that of the Dragon Slave. A human cannot cast it without amplifying his bucket capacity.

This spell has several variations in casting and formation. Typically, innumerable Fireballs hail across the area with the caster at the center, each exploding with the potency of a Val Flare or Vice Flare. Another possible casting is done by Xelloss in the anime, with a large cyclone of flame equally powerful to the other version.

Only a few humans in history have been known to cast this: Lina Inverse and Lei Magnus. In the novels, Lina initially confuses Xelloss with Lei Magnus due to him casting the Blast Bomb. Xelloss, however, is not only a mazoku, but had the aid of the Demon's Blood Talismans. Also, Copy Rezo cast it in the battle against Lina.





subete no chikara no minamoto yo
kagayaki moeru akaki honoo yo
meiyaku no kotoba ni korite
waga te ni tsudoite chikara to nare



  • Although in the novels, Lina is the only living magician who can use the Blast Bomb (and even so, by boosting her magic power with the Demon's Blood Talismans), we can see Naga and Amelia using it in several video games.
  • In Tales of the Rays, Blast Bomb is a strike arte used by Reid Hershel. When used as the sixth or later action in a chain, this alters to a stronger form called Blast Bombs (Japanese: 暴爆呪・連爆ブラスト・ボムズ, Kanji translation: Outburst Bomb Spell: Connecting Explosion, Romaji: burasuto bomuzu).

In other languages

  • Gran Explosión (Spanish, lit. Great Explosion)
  • Spirale di Fuoco (Italian, lit. Fire Spiral)