Lina and Gourry with the Blast Sword (before the sword's true blade was revealed underneath the steel wrapping)

The Blast Sword (Japanese: 斬妖剣ブラスト・ソード Romaji: burasuto sōdo) is an artifact of great power in the Slayers world, possessing an extremely sharp blade. A legend concerning the sword claims that it was at one time wielded by Ceifeed himself.[1]

In the novels, after the defeat of Hellmaster Fibrizo, Gourry's Sword of Light was lost. He later found an odd-looking sword instead, and kept it. In the battle against Dynast Grausherra, the mazoku lord broke the sword easily, however, another blade shone underneath. After Grausherra was defeated, more information about the sword was revealed. If it was put in a sheath, it would cut through easily when moved. If it was accidentally dropped, it would cut through the stones on which it was dropped, and might even be lost. Even if the sheath was made of wood or leather or some other high-quality material, as soon as the sword was sheathed, it would simply cut the case in half. Moreover, it would just cut through anything and everything if handled improperly, and would be far too dangerous. Apparently, the previous owner of the sword knew that, and so covered the Blast Sword's blade with another blade. As the sword was so sharp that it was impossible to wield, Milgazia drew a pattern on it, which made it dull enough that it could be safely sheathed. Milgazia's seal does not reduce the sword's ability to damage opponents.[2] The Blast Sword can absorb magical energy around it, and channel it to its sharpness. It can cut through any material, almost every spell, and harm and even kill high-ranking mazoku. Because of this, it is probably more powerful than the Sword of Light.


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