Prince Christopher Wil Brogg Saillune

Christopher Wil Brogg Saillune (Japanese: クリストファー=ウル=ブロッゾ=セイルーン Romaji: kurisutofā uru burozzo seirūn) is a prince of the Kingdom of Saillune, and second in line for the throne. He is the younger brother of Philionel El Di Saillune, and the older brother of Randionel Saillune. Their father, Eldoran Saillune, is the current king. Christopher has one son, Alfred Saillune, who is deceased. His wife is never mentioned. He is also the uncle of Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune and Gracia Ul Naga Saillune. His Japanese voice actor is 岡和男 Kazuo Oka, and Steven Hickox voices him in the dub.

Christopher (much like Randy) had always been jealous of the fact that it was Philionel, and not him, who was the Crown Prince. So naturally, when an assasination plot against Prince Phil began, everyone suspected Christopher. Therefore it came as a huge shock for everyone to learn that it was actually Alfred who was behind it all. In the novels Christopher blamed himself what happened, and wound up killing Alfred to stop him from doing anything else. In the anime, Christopher was not the one who killed Alfred (instead it was Mazenda), although he did renounce his claim to the throne when Philionel disappeared.