Daisuke Gōri (郷里ごうり大輔だいすけ Gōri Daisuke, February 8, 1952 - January 17, 2010[1]) was a male veteran voice actor from Tokyo. He was affiliated with Aoni Production. His real name, as well as his former stage name, was Yoshio Nagahori. He had a habit of playing large, deep-voiced, muscular characters in anime series.

In The Slayers, he did the voices of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and Garundia, as well as some other secundary characters from the movies. Other roles include Kyokotsu in InuYasha, Hercule Satan, King Cold, Umigame, and others in Dragon Ball, Dominic in Fullmetal Alchemist, Dondochakka Bilstin in Bleach, the Narrator in Cute Honey, and Bask Om in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.


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