Gender Male
Race Beastman-troll hybrid
Occupation Warrior
Age Unknown
Manga debut ??
Anime debut Episode 4
Voice actor Hirohiko Kakegawa (Japanese)
Jimmy Zoppi (English)

Dilgear (Japanese: ディルギア Romaji: dirugia) was a half-beastman, half-troll and was a henchman of Zelgadiss Graywords and his great-grandfather; Rezo the Red Priest. He is voiced by 掛川裕彦 Hirohiko Kakegawa in the original Japanese version and by Jimmy Zoppi in the Central Park Media dub.

Unlike Zolf, Rodimus, and Noonsa, Dilgear was actually quite violent during battles and would even go as far as to kill his foes. He first appeared in episode 4. Despite the fact that Dilgear was placed under Zelgadiss' rule, his ultimate loyalty was to Rezo, so it came as no surprise to Zelgadiss when the half-breed turned against the chimera after Zelgadiss broke ties with Rezo after killing Noonsa. In their first battle, Dilgear finds himself outmatched and retreats. During their second battle, when Zolf and Rodimus came, Dilgear thought that he had been saved, however, Rodimus said that their loyalty was to Zelgadiss, not Rezo. Dilgear was seriously wounded by Zolf shortly afterwards, his final words being: "Just wait until I come back to life!".

Dilgear's appearance in the manga.

Thanks to his half-troll regenerative abilities, he actually did, but he never got his revenge. In the light novels and manga, Dilgear reappeared after the defeat of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu as a bounty hunter sent along with Rahanimu and Vrumugun to eliminate Gourry Gabriev and Lina Inverse by Eris Vrumugun. He was immediately defeated, however, and made no further attempt to attack them again.

Luna and Dilgear as friends.

With no place to go, he ended up wandering into Zephilia, where he passed out from hunger. Luna Inverse, who often fed stray dogs and cats, came across him and decided to adopt him. He woke up chained up in a giant doghouse in her backyard. Much to his horror, Luna proceeded to rename him Spot. However, because he owed her his life, he felt a sense of loyalty and ended up remaining her pet. [1] Some fans actually mistook Dilgear for Greater Beast Zelas Metallium's beast form. However, in reality, Zelas and Luna would actually be enemies since the former is a mazoku while the later serves the shinzoku.