Dynast Grausherra (left) in beast form and his general, Sherra, in SD style.

Dynast Grausherra (Japanese: 覇王ダイナスト グラウシェラー, lit. dainasuto gurausherā Runic: ᚷᛚᚫᚹᛋᚼᛖᛦᛅᚼ Grausherra[1][2]) is one of the subordinates of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu.

Dynast is supposed to have two generals and two priests, although the information is from an "unofficial" source (See below). When Lina meets Sherra, Dynast's general, she tells her that he's too simple to choose that name for her, and that she must have a fellow priest called Dynast, Grau or maybe Grow. A character named Norst, holding the title of Dynast's priest appears in one of the afterwords of the Slayers Special series, but according to novel 17, the official data-book Slayers Reading[3] and an interview with Hajime Kanzaka, Norst is a general not a priest. In the same interview Dynast's priests were revealed to be named Grau and Dee, but from Slayers Reading these names are strangely missing.

In one of the issues of Blaster!, Kanzaka explained that Dynast originally created two subordinates just like the others did, but they were destroyed during the Kōma War, so he created another pair after the war as replacements.

Dynast appears as the main antagonist in the thirteenth novel, where he is impersonating the king of Dils. He is manipulating the country to raise an army and start a second Kōma War, with the ultimate goal of resurrecting the piece of Ruby Eye in Luke. After Lina exposes his identity, she engages him in battle along with Luke, Gourry, Milina, Milgazia, and Memphis. During the battle, Dynast inadvertently releases the full power of Gourry's Blast Sword. Lina finally prevails over Dynast by encasing him within the Zenaffa Armor, cutting him off from his astral body and preventing him from using magic. She then strikes him down with the Ragna Blade. Although Dynast is not destroyed because the main part of him in the astral plane still survives, he will not be able to manifest in the physical world again until he recovers.

Dynast has apparently not recovered by the time of the fifteenth novel, as he does not accompany Deep Sea Dolphin and Greater Beast Zelas Metallium when they appear to confront Lina.

The magic spells of Dynast Brass and Dynast Breath are derived from Dynast Grausherra.

Grausherra is one of the names listed on the Plane chart and is based on Eligos in the Ars Goetia.


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