GO TO NEXT! And Then Again...
GO TO NEXT! そしてまた…
GO TO NEXT! And Then Again...
Broadcast date
Japan September 27, 1996
Theme songs
OP Give a reason
ED Jama wa Sasenai

GO TO NEXT! And Then Again... (Japanese: Go to NEXT! そしてまた… lit. Go to NEXT! Soshite Mata...) is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Slayers NEXT. It was first broadcast in Japan on September 27, 1996.

Spoiler warning: Major plot or ending details may follow.

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Vrumugun original

Possibly the original Vrumugun, as seen at Zangulus and Martina's wedding.

  • At Zangulus and Martina's wedding, someone strongly resembling Vrumugun (shown right) appears in the crowds. It is possible that this is the original Vrumugun.
  • For some reason, Nathan Price, who voiced Moros in the first episode of NEXT, does not reprise his role during Moros' only appearence. Instead, Anthony Salerno does Moros' voice, though there was no reason to replace Price.
  • This is the final appearence of Moros, Fibrizo, Martina, and Zangulus.
  • Sylphiel's last appearence until Slayers REVOLUTION. She doesn't appear in TRY, except for a brief mention by Zelgadiss in episode 5 and in an eyecatch in episode 24.



Eyecatch 1


Eyecatch 2

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