Flarelord Vrabazard statue

Statue of Vrabazard in the Flarelord's Temple.

Flarelord Vrabazard (Japanese: 火竜王フレアロード ヴラバザード Rōmaji: furearōdo vurabazādo, generally translated as the Fire Dragon King in the English dub though his name Vrabazard is said once by Filia in episode 14) is one of the four Dragon Kings left by Flare Dragon Ceifeed before his death after the last battle against the ma-ō Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Like his three siblings, Vrabazard possesses less than quarter of the original power of Ceifeed. Flarelord protects the eastern zone of the Slayers world.

He has not yet made an actual appearance in any Slayers media and only a statue of him has been seen in Slayers TRY at the Flarelord's Temple.

By the end of Slayers TRY, all his ryūzoku servants have been killed by Sirius, Erulogos, or Valgarv. The only exception, Filia Ul Copt, resigned slightly before the final battle in Slayers TRY.

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