Greater Beast Zelas Metallium (right) and Deep Sea Dolphin.

Greater Beast Zelas Metallium (Japanese: 獣王 ゼラス=メタリオム Romaji: gurētā bīsuto zerasu metariomu; sometimes referred to as Jū-ō and translated as Beast Master Zelas/Xellass Metallium in English; Runic: ᛋᛖᛚᛅᛋᛘᛖᛏᚾᛖᚢᛘ Zelas Metallium[1][2]) is one of the subordinates of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu.

The most we have seen of the Greater Beast in the animated series so far are flashes of her legs and arms, and a momentary glimpse of her true form behind her servant, Xelloss in the openings of several seasons, but that does not mean nothing is known of her.

Zelas resides on Wolf Pack Island, the southern base of the former mazoku barrier, and is probably best known for her servant, Xelloss. Her wise investment rendered him the most powerful mazoku outside of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu's five servants.

Her true form is an armored, anthropomorphic wolf with wings. Her human appearance varies. In the novels and manga, Zelas is a woman with short, orange hair in militaristic dress and a bit of a sporty look. In the anime, she has been seen looking as described above, as well as being depicted as a more elegant woman, one who smokes and has tan skin and long, silver hair. One illustration also portrayed her "elegant" look with a more pale skin tone.

To say that Zelas' appearances in the Slayers anime so far are minimal is an understatement. This scene depicts her in the ending theme of the final episode of Slayers TRY lecturing Xelloss.

The spells that call on the power of the Greater Beast are Zelas Brid and Zelas Phalanx. Zelas Gort is sometimes attributed to her because of its name, but official sources always seem to categorize it as belonging to water shamanistic magic.

Zelas Metallium is one of the names listed on the plane chart and is based on Ipos in the Ars Goetia, even if her true form is inspired by the Marchosias from the same book.

Greater Beast's true form (back) from the Slayers Super Famicom game.

In the game Slayers (SFC), Zelas ordered Lina Inverse's capture so that multiple clones could be made of her. Her ultimate plan was to use them to destroy the world. Zelas is eventually defeated by Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadis, and a Lina Copy. It should be noted that this game is not considered a part of the main canon continuity.

Dubbing errors

  • Greater Beast is referenced several times in the Slayers anime. Xelloss is incorrectly dubbed as Beast Master by Software Sculptors, while the title belongs purely to Zelas (Beast Master is an alternate translation of Greater Beast).


Luna Inverse and Dilgear.

  • It is thought that Greater Beast is friends with Luna Inverse due to the picture shown on the right. This picture appeared during a Slayers Try eyecatch. This is not Greater Beast, but Dilgear.
  • It is thought that she does not get along with Deep Sea Dolphin. This is not true, considering in the only depiction of Deep Sea they are shown together with no hostility towards each other. This rumor most likely started in fanon.


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