Character design art by Rui Araizumi

Huraker (Japanese: ヒュレイカー Romaji: hyureikā) is the priest of Deep Sea Dolphin[1] and the main mazoku antagonist of Slayers: Knight of Aqualord .

Lina and Gourry first meet Huraker in a coastal city, where she appears to be a silly girl with very bad luck at playing table games. She persuades Lina to play against her, even lends her money to bet, and in the end, she beats her and asks for her money back. As Lina does not have any money, Huraker tells her about a strange island, the Isle at the End of the World, where an invaluable treasure known as the Fang of the Dark Lord could be found. This seems to be part of her scheme to bring Lina to the west, outside the mazoku barrier.

While Lina and the others travel across the unexplored land, Huraker leads them with her intrigues where she wants them to go, and finally gets what she wanted: To be able to possess Lyos' body and so, control the power of the Aqualord. Lina, having obtained the power of the Airlord, confronts her and manages to free Lyos from her control, and the two use the combined power of the Aqualord and the Airlord against her. Huraker seems to be extremely powerful and can compete with the two shinzoku's power, but in the end she is defeated.



  • Although Huraker is suspected to be the one behind the plots and intrigues, there's yet another mysterious female character, appearing near the end of the manga who seems to be behind the plot to get the Knight of Aqualord's power. She is likely to be Deep Sea Dolphin.
  • Her identity as Dolphin's priest was finally confirmed in the official data-book Slayers Reading.