Iregui no Jumon (Japanese: 入れ食いいれぐい呪文じゅもん Romaji: iregui no jumon, translated as Fishing Spell or Fish Bite on Every Cast spell (name pending)) is a white magic[1] spell created by Lina Inverse. This is not the name of the spell; when Lina used it, she never uttered the Power Words aloud; in fact, since she mentions that she could not come up with a good name for the incantation yet, it it possible that in its current form, it lacks Power Words altogether.

The spell makes fish bite onto the hook at the end of a fishing pole. Lina tries not to use it unless she really needs to, because there's a chance that all the fish in a river will become extinct, and it takes away the joy of fishing.

As revealed in the 17th novel, the spell works by creating an illusion for the nearby fish, who see the hook like a treat so tasty as to be irresistible. Lina originally developed the incantation in hopes to make less then savory meals more edible, but could never extend the illusion to the sense of taste; it could only mask appearances. Because of this, it was repurposed to be used during fishing instead, especially when time is short.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)


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