How to blockEdit

Any sysop can place a block by accessing Special:Blockip, or by using the [block] link located next to an anonymous user on an edits list.

When to blockEdit


If pages are vandalized, the offending user's IP address will be banned for a time varying depending on the severity of the vandalism. Sysops must use their own discretion.

Page editingEdit

Repeated and pointless page creation/modification can be grounds for blocking. Do not create a page entitled "SLAYERS IS COOL," and then another called "LOST UNIVERSE IS COOL," and so on. Again, sysops should use their own discretion to judge the intent of offending users.


Harassment in talk/discussion pages or editing wars is unacceptable. Users making racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. -type comments will be blocked for 48 hours for the first offense. Any more offenses after the inital block are grounds for a permanent IP block. This policy is non-negotiable.

Edit/revert warsEdit

If any edits and/or reverts are questionable, contact any editor for resolution. If the editor contacted is unsure of a resolution, the offending articles will be temporarily protected and a group of at least three editors will discuss the edits and/or reverts in question until a solution is made. After an editor has made a resolution, the only person who can override that decision is the editor-in-chief. Anyone knowingly changing the resoultion will be blocked for a period of time that depends on the severity of the change.

Those involved in edit/revert wars without contacting a sysop will be blocked for a cool-down period of 48 hours.


There will be absolutely no bots used without first gaining public editor-in-chief approval. Anyone disregarding this policy will be blocked indefinitely.


An attempt to appeal a block decision may be sent directly to Argy. Any e-mails sent should be titled "KanzakaDex block appeal," and should include the following information:

  • Reason the editor gave for your blocking, and the date you were blocked
  • The names of any articles involved in your blocking (in cases of vandalism, etc.)
  • Testimony from two other KanzakaDex contributors stating why you were not deserving of a block (subject to verification)
  • Your own reason for appealing the block

Your appeal will be considered by at least two members of the editorial board. When a decision is made (usually within two days), the editorial board's decision is final. Any further appeals will be ignored.

If an editor is found to be abusing his or her sysop powers, he or she will be stripped of his or her powers after a vote by the rest of the editorial board.