The instructions in this article apply only to editors, but standard users may find it informative.

How to use protectionEdit

Protection is something that can and should be utilized by the KanzakaDex staff for numerous reasons, which will be defined in detail below. However, it is important to understand the simple nature of protecting a page before instructions are laid out regarding when to protect a page.

A protected page is a page which standard users cannot edit. However, editors are allowed to edit them. Pages warranting protection:

  • The KanzakaDex logo, to prevent vandalism
  • Pages that are subject to repeated vandalism and/or moves (temporary in most cases)
  • Pages that are the subject of an edit/revert war (temporary)

In cases of edit/revert wars, administrators should not show preference to one version of an article over another except in cases of vandalism. Legitimate, non-vandalism disputes should if at all possible be solved by moderation as outlined in blocking policy.

Editor notesEdit

Editors, when protecting a page, please remember to add a summary of why the page was protected. This option is provided to you upon clicking the "protect" link on the taskbar at the top of your page interface. Giving a note on why the page was protected makes it easier for a moderation committee to work without having to contact the original protecting editor. If a reason for protection is longer than the space allotted, post the reason on the article's talk page.