Levitation (Japanese: 浮遊レビテーション, Kanji translation: Float Play Float Hoist, Romaji: rebitēshon) is a well-known air shamanistic spell[1], which enables the caster to fly to a limited extent.

The caster may move in any direction or even stop and hover in mid-air, unlike Raywing, although at a slower speed. The spell manipulates the winds around the caster to achieve the desired effect. Maintaining the spell requires little concentration, making it possible to cast another spell while flying, although casting more difficult spells may still be risky.

In the novels, Millina managed to improve this spell significantly: unlike the normal version, her variation was capable of speeds close to those of Raywing[2].


In other languages[]

  • Levitación (Spanish, lit. Levitation)


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