Lost Ships are a class of ancient space battleships in Lost Universe. They were programmed to fight their enemies, and in the course of doing so have destroyed numerous civilizations.

Most of the Lost Ships are subordinates of Dark Star Dugradigdu, or are a manifestation of Dark Star himself. These ships are roughly analogous to the five Mazoku subordinates created by Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. The only Lost Ship known to serve Night Dragon Vorfeed is Swordbreaker.

Lost Ships feed on the mental strength of humans (similar to how Mazoku feed on human's negative emotions). With Swordbreaker, this is a symbiotic relationship, while with Dark Star's ships, it is more parasitic. As a result, Dark Star's ship tend to see humans as little more than resources. Lost Ships also have powerful regenerative abilities as a result of this relationship.

Many Lost Ships can be temporarily disabled with a reference to the Lord of Nightmares, such as: "The one who arose from Dark Star, bows down in the name of Chaos."

List of Lost Ships


They appear as analogues to shinzoku or special weapons light the Sword of Light in the Slayers universe, although there isn't necessarily a canonical connection.