The generals and priests are high ranking mazoku in the Slayers world surpassed only by the five subordinates of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu and the ma-ō himself in power.

As four out of the five lords were busy with maintaining the mazoku barrier in the Kōma War and were unable to leave the place they were stationed at, these beings were created in order to represent them and run their errands during the war, and, as the barrier remained in place, after the war as well.[1][2] (Chaos Dragon Garv also created a priest and a general, although he wasn't suffering such a setback; he may have been forced to do so to preserve the power balance between the five, something which Dynast Grausherra may have tried to evade, see below.) In order to be successful in such tasks, these beings were given a considerable amount of their creator's power.

Most lords, namely Deep Sea Dolphin, Garv and Hellmaster Fibrizo created two subordinates: One general and one priest. (According to Hajime Kanzaka, these titles do not posses any special significance, the two are identical in duties and power.) The other two tried a different approach: Greater Beast Zelas Metallium only created a priest, who was therefore twice as strong, and Dynast created two priests and two generals in total, who were hence half as strong as the others. These, however, weren't created at once. Grausherra made a general and a priest before the war just like the others, but he did not put as much of his energy into them, gaining an edge in power over three of his siblings. However, these two were destroyed during the war, and Dynast opted to create replacements, virtually ruining his own plans. (This information may be inaccurate, as Hajime Kanzaka has made contradicting statements about the subject.)

The priests and generals of the lords are the following:

  • Deep Sea Dolphin: General Riksfalto (destroyed in Knight of Aqualord), Priest Huraker[3] (also destroyed in the Aqualord manga)
  • Hellmaster Fibrizo: Names unknown, both destroyed during the Kōma war.
  • Greater Beast Zelas Metallium: Priest Xelloss
  • Dynast Grausherra: General Sherra (destroyed in novel 12), General (Priest?)[4] Norst, Priest Grue and Priest Dee.
  • Chaos Dragon Garv: General Rarshart and Priest Raltark (both destroyed in novel 8 and 7, respectively)

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