Milina and Luke

Milina is a sorceress. A closed-mouthed cold-blooded mercenary, she specialized in shamanistic magic. She met Luke, another magic-using mercenary, during contracts where they chased after the same target. He quickly fell in love with her.

In addition to her analytical ability and spellcasting prowess (she can cast Val Flare), her agility keeps her out of danger. Luke will risk his life to protect her as well.

She and Luke were introduced in The Cursed Sword of Bezeld. They quickly met up and joined with the Slayers as well.

In Hatred in Sellentia, Luke and Milina were hired as bodyguards for High Priest Kereth Rolencio of Sellentia when a conflict involving assassination attempts broke out between the high priests of the city. During a fight, Milina was struck by a poisoned dagger thrown by assassins hired by High Priest Francis Demitory. Luke took Milina to a shrine run by High Priest Sainfort, but he refused to help her because she was working for his rival Rolencio. Luke next took her to Rolencio, but no one at his shrine knew Resurrection, and Milina died.

Filled with hatred, Luke vowed to kill all of the High Priests in Sellentia, who he regarded as responsible for her death.

An angry Luke went on to awaken Shabranigdu.