Mimi and Nene

Mimi and Nene are two young girls who appear in episode 40 of the anime. They both bear a shocking resemblance to Shampoo of Rumiko Takahashi's popular Ranma ½ series and have martial arts skills that are similar as well. Note that they are exclusive to the T.V series, as they do not appear in the original novels or the manga. In the original Japanese version, Mimi is voiced by Yumi Fukamizu and Nene is voiced by Kaoru Fujino. They were both voiced by Mandy Bonhomme in the English version.

Concept art of Mimi and Nene.

While searching for a supposedly ancient lost spell, Mimi and Nene happened to run into the Slayers, who were also looking for the lost artifact. Needless to say, Mimi and Nene were not happy about this and tried to stop them using a variety of unique techniques and martial arts skills. Unfortunately, the Slayers still managed to get to the artifact first, which really turned out to be just a collection of old long-lost festival songs. After both Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune and Lina Inverse sang a song while wearing outfits that they were highly embarrassed about being seen wearing, they gave the outfits and song book to Mimi and Nene and departed on good terms.