Gender Male
Race Fishman
Occupation Warrior
Age Unknown
Manga debut ??
Anime debut Episode 5
Voice actor Kôzô Shioya (Japanese)

Noonsa (Japanese: ヌンサ Romaji: nunsa; also sometimes spelled as Nunsa) was a fishman; he had the body of a fish and the legs and arms of a human. His Japanese voice actor was Kôzô Shioya; his voice actor in the English dub was uncredited.

He was one of Zelgadiss Graywords' top four henchmen. When Lina Inverse refused to tell Zelgadiss anything about the Philosopher's Stone, Zolf called Noonsa in and told the fishman to give Lina a kiss, an idea which horrified and disgusted Lina. Noonsa gave Lina what both Dilgear and Zolf called a "deep kiss" (which involved Noonsa sucking on her head inside of his mouth, which she clobbered him for). In the original novel, Zolf actually wanted Noonsa to rape Lina, but this was censored to a kiss both in the anime and in the novel's 2004 Tokyopop English translation; the 2021 J-Novel Club translation reverses this change.

Noonsa gives Lina a "deep kiss".

Later, when Zelgadiss broke Lina out of the castle, Noonsa watched from the water and attempted a sneak attack on Lina. He was upset at her, thinking that she was cutting out on them. Noonsa than rushed forward at Lina and smashed himself into a wall. He soon recovered from the impact, however, and shot several thorn-like projectiles at Lina. Just when the situation seemed hopeless to her, Zelgadiss rescued Lina by trapping Noonsa in a bubble of air and frying him with a Fireball.

Later, some of Dilgear's followers found Noonsa's fried corpse and brought it back to him. The followers then ate Noonsa's body, which infuriated the wolf-troll mix.

In the manga version of the story, Noonsa had no romance relationship with Lina and was ordered by Zelgadiss to steal the Philosopher's Stone. After firing all of his scales, Gourry Gabriev killed him by slicing him in two and eating him.

Interestingly, while Noonsa worked under Zelgadiss' command, Rezo considered him a superior spellcaster compared to his great-grandson.[1] Zelgadiss seems to be unaware of this fact,[2] which is perhaps not as surprising considering the fishman did not really utilize his supposed superior sorcery in any of his appearances among mediums.


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