Ra Tilt (Japanese: 崩霊裂ラ・ティルト, Kanji translation: Crumble Spirit Rend, Romaji: ra tiruto) is the strongest astral shamanistic spell[1] a human can cast without artifically enlarging his or her bucket capacity.

Said to be the Dragon Slave's equal in power, the Ra Tilt is one of the most powerful shamanistic spells and is certainly the most useful one when fighting mazoku. Unlike Dragon Slave, this spell can only affect a single target, who is instantly engulfed in blue flames while his or her astral body is torn to pieces. Humans and low-ranking mazoku have almost no chance of survival on a direct hit, and even middle-ranking mazoku can be seriously damaged by it.


Double Ra Tilt

Double Ra Tilt




towa to mugen wo tayutaishi
subete no kokoro no minamoto yo
tsukiru koto naki aoiki honoo yo
waga tamashii no uchi ni nemurishi sono chikara
mugen yori kitarite sabaki wo ima koko ni


Dwelling within the eternal and the infinite,
source of all souls,
everlasting flame of blue,
let the power hidden in my soul
be called forth from the infinite...


  • While in the anime it is stated that Ra Tilt cannot harm humans, this could be some script mistake, since the very same spell is used on several occasions on humans in the anime, expecting to hurt or even kill them.

Examples of useEdit

In other languagesEdit

  • Magia Tilt (Spanish, lit. Tilt Magic)
  • La tilt (Spanish, lit. The Tilt)
  • Explosión de Espíritus (Spanish, lit. Explosion of Spirits)
  • Raggio Paralizzante (Italian, lit. Paralysing Ray)
  • Der Tilt (German, lit. The Tilt)
  • Gyilkos Örvény (Hungarian, lit. meaning Murderous Vortex)
  • La Tilte (French, lit. The Tilt)
  • Ра Тилт (Russian, same Ra Tilt, but written in cyrillic)


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