Raywing (also Ray Wing or Lei Wing, Japanese: 翔封界レイ・ウイング, Kanji translation: Fly Seal World, Romaji: rei uingu) is a spell of the shamanistic air[1] variety.

It gives the caster the ability to fly by creating a spherical shield of wind around them. The caster can carry other people, but since the speed, diameter, and the maximum altitude or weight that can be carried all depend on the caster's skill, more weight means less speed. Unlike Levitation, the spell is difficult to control and requires a lot of concentration, so other spells cannot be used at the same time; the caster can continue flying only as long as he concentrates. Still, Raywing allows faster travel than Levitation, and the wind barrier can also serve as a defensive shield against weaker attacks.

Additionally, the wind barrier does not cease to exist even when entering a body of water, thus the spell enables the caster to easily move underwater without getting wet - although the amount of breathable air inside the bubble is obviously limited.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)


In other languages

  • Burbuja Protectora (Spanish, lit. Protective Bubble)
  • Ala (Spanish, lit. Wing)
  • Alas de Rayos (Spanish, lit. Ray Wings)


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