Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Warrior
Age Unknown
Manga debut ??
Anime debut Episode 3
Voice actor Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese)
Junior Ringenbach (English)

Rodimus (Japanese: ロディマス Romaji: rodimasu; known in some foreign language dubs as Radomas) was an elderly man who was loyal to Zelgadiss Graywords. He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Katsuhisa Hōki and in the dub by Junior Ringenbach. Despite his apparent age, Rodimus appears to be a skilled fighter and manages to hold his own (with the help of Dilgear) against much younger fighters like Gourry Gabriev.

Rodimus (right) and Zolf (left) in the Manga.

Despite Zelgadiss turning against Rezo the Red Priest, Rodimus chose to remain under the chimera's command, as he stated that their loyalty lied with Zelgadiss, not Rezo. After which, Zolf and Rodimus both joined the Slayers along with their master. They didn't remain on the team long, however, as soon afterwards, Rezo resurrected a fragment of the Demon King Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, and the two were killed when Zolf attacked the beast with a Dragon Slave, which was reflected.