Ruby Eye Shabranigdu
Gender Male
Race Mazoku
Occupation Ma-ō
Age Unknown
Manga debut Chapter
Anime debut Episode 9
Voice actor Daisuke Gori (Japanese)
Roger Kay (English)
Marc Thompson (English; Evolution-R)

Ruby Eye Shabranigdu (Japanese: 赤眼の魔王ルビーアイ シャブラニグドゥ Red-Eyed Ma-ou (Ruby Eye) Shabranigdu, lit. rubī ai shaburanigudu Runic: ᛋᚼᚾᛒᛦᛅᛁᚷᛞᚢ Shabranigdu[1][2]) is one of the four ma-ō and the ma-ō residing in the Slayers world. His Japanese voice actor is 郷里大輔 Daisuke Gori, and his English voice actor is Roger Kay in the first anime and Marc Thompson in Slayers Evolution-R.




Many, many years ago, so long ago that no one knows just how long ago it was (presumably at the world's genesis), Ruby Eye and the shinzoku of his world, Flare Dragon Ceifeed, began a massive battle for control of the world. As a mazoku, Ruby Eye's goal was to completely destroy the world, while Flare Dragon wanted to protect it from destruction. The length of this battle is unknown, but the conclusion was reached approximately around 4000 BK(?). Before his destruction at the hands of Ruby Eye, Flare Dragon created four alter-egos of himself, then broke Ruby Eye into seven parts and scattered them throughout the world, sealed in humans. Flare Dragon's reasoning for sealing Ruby Eye in humans was that since humans have such short lives compared to those of other races, Ruby Eye would eventually be purged through reincarnation before re-awakening. Unfortunately for Flare Dragon, this hypothesis was more or less incorrect. If a human carrying a piece of Ruby Eye develops a great hatred of the world, the piece could awaken and combine with the human to become a special kind of a half-demon; this already happened a couple of times and the pieces are still far from being purified.

So far, three pieces of Ruby Eye have been awakened; two of those have been destroyed and one has been sealed away into ice by Aqualord Ragradia (The revival of the piece within Luke has yet to appear in anime or manga form.)

The spells Dragon Slave and Ruby Eye Blade call upon Shabranigdu's power.


Pieces of Ruby Eye

Demon King of the North/Lei Magnus-Shabranigdu

The piece of the Demon King which existed inside Lei.

The first piece awakened when Hellmaster Fibrizo instigated the Kōma War in hopes that Ruby Eye would awaken. This plan succeeded, and a piece of Ruby Eye was resurrected in the great sorcerer Lei Magnus. This fragment became known as the Demon King of the North, and he and other mazoku staged an assault on one of Flare Dragon's alter-egos, Aqualord Ragradia. The mazoku defeated Aqualord, but not before Aqualord sealed the Demon King of the North in the Kataart Mountains. He is still alive, but unable to leave the spot in which he is frozen.

Around 993 AK(?), Dils II, the king of Dils, attempted an attack on the Demon King of the North. However, the king's soldiers were destroyed, and the king was cursed with Raugnut Rushavna.

The Demon King of the North is the fragment of Ruby Eye who appears as Subordinate-S in the afterwords of the Slayers novels.

You can fight Lei Magnus-Shabranigdu in the Slayers (SFC) game.


The fragment of Ruby Eye that resided in Rezo.

The second piece awakened recently in Red Priest Rezo, a great sorcerer and priest. Rezo was blind, and nothing he or anyone else tried could cure his blindness, even though he was able to cure the blindness of others. Eventually, Ruby Eye began having more and more influence over Rezo's soul, forcing the sorcerer to seek out the Philosopher's Stone, which would give Ruby Eye the strength to be fully reborn. He succeeded (Rezo swallowed the stone), but was shortly thereafter defeated by Lina Inverse using Giga Slave and the Sword of Light.

Rezo-Shabranigdu awakened again in Evolution-R, after Rezo was revived in Pokota's body. Unlike his first awakening, however, he was revived in an incomplete form (which Xelloss called his "ghost") in a manner similar to Chaos Dragon Garv. After attempting to drain away his power by repeatedly casting the Dragon Slave, Lina destroyed him with the Giga Slave after Pokota returned to his own body to restrain him.

Rezo-Shabranigdu is the only fragment of Ruby Eye to appear in the Slayers anime.


The third piece awakened even more recently in Luke, a treasure hunter, former assassin, sorcerer, and swordsman. Luke joined forces with Lina Inverse before the piece of Ruby Eye within him awakened. Luke's conflicting feelings led Luke-Shabranigdu to offer Lina a final chance at destroying him before he destroyed the world. The Demon King of the North did not desire this, and a war broke out between the mazoku loyal to Lei-Shabranigdu and those loyal to Luke-Shabranigdu. Lina destroyed Luke-Shabranigdu by breaking open her Demon's Blood Talismans to unleash the power of the other three ma-ō.

Subordinates of Ruby Eye

Because he is dormant in the souls of humans, Ruby Eye has his five subordinates which he created to rule over the lesser mazoku in his place. They are known as the five retainers.[3] (They are also commonly referred to as the mazoku lords by fans, a form that likely originates from translations provided by the Japanese fan QP/Diana.[4]) During the Kōma War, all of them except for Chaos Dragon Garv formed a diamond-shaped barrier around the headquarters of Aqualord, preventing him from escaping. Even after Aqualord's defeat, this barrier remained, preventing humans and other beings from leaving the area. However, when Hellmaster Fibrizo was destroyed, the barrier was broken, and travel to the outside world was made possible. Shabranigdu and the five retainers are all named on the Plane chart.