Sairaag city, with Flagoon on the left

Sairaag (Japanese: サイラーグ Romaji: sairāgu) is a city located in the Empire of Lyzeille.

Sairaag is a thriving city that is surrounded by high walls that has much connection to myth and history in the Slayers world, and also serves as a location of various plot points in the anime, novels, and manga. It is known as a city of magic, similar to that of Saillune City, and was at one time known as the "City of Ghosts". It has been decimated numerous times, once by Zanaffar, and the second time by Copy Rezo. It used to be the hometown of one of the most influential Sorcerers' Guild. [1]

The states of the peninsula.
Sairaag is marked as number two.

Sairaag certainly lives up to its name, thanks to the impressive sights it has to offer. A shrine dedicated to Flarelord Ceifeed lies within its walls, where Sylphiel is a priestess and her father Elc acts as High Priest. A dark sorcerer's guild also lies nearby, which is home to a copy cultivator. A Claire Bible manuscript had also been passed down through the generations of a family that once resided in Sairaag. Rezo the Red Priest also chose Sairaag as the home for a laboratory where much of his chimeric and white magic research was conducted. The city is where Rezo hid much of his vast collection of magic books and manuscripts as well.

Old Sairaag, flanked by Flagoon on the right.

However, Sairaag's most notable landmark is the holy tree, Flagoon. Its northern edge is bordered by old Sairaag, the ruined part of the city where the Swordsman of Light defeated Zanaffar around 892 AK(?). The Miasma Forest is located near the ruined city as well. The rest of Sairaag is built in a semi-radial pattern around the the tree (though Flagoon vanished without a trace after Hellmaster Fibrizo ressurected everyone and restored the city).

Not much is known about Sairaag's political system, though it is part of an empire. Thus, there seems to be no major monarchic activity. Sairaag's culture is more like medieval Europe than Saillune.

Some of the descendants of the original, pre-Zanaffar Sairaag migrated to the Alliance of Coastal States to form the kingdom of Taforashia. However, Rezo sealed the citizens in suspended animation after they became infected with Durum sickness, and although a cure has been discovered, Rezo's disappearance has postponed their awakening.