Seigram's first appearence in the Anime.

Seigram the Formless (also translated as Saygram the Faceless, Japanese: セイグラム Romaji: seiguramu) is a low-ranking mazoku who initially served under Greater Beast Zelas Metallium, later moving to the side of Chaos Dragon Garv. He is voiced in the Japanese version by Yousuke Akimoto and in the Central Park Media dub by Robert O'Gorman.

Seigram's name fits his appearance well; his projected form is barely humanoid (though this is a common trait among low-ranking mazoku), his most distinct feature being the white mask he usually keeps where his face is supposed to be. The mask, however, is not part of his physical manifestation - it is actually the Pledge Stone for the Pledge of Immortality he made with Halcyform to help him take control of the Sorcerer's Guild of Atlas City. In the novels, after Lina Inverse thwarted his plans, he left the Greater Beast's service to be able to exact his revenge upon her. (This was required because Zelas has been recruited by Hellmaster Fibrizo.) In the anime, it is implied that he was already working for Garv when he met the sorceress in the city. He later appeared by Garv's side, who gave him an amount of his power, and proved to be almost unbeatable in a fight.

Seigram being hit by Xelloss.

Finally, Lina managed to destroy him with the Ragna Blade with some help from Xelloss. In the novels, after being severely wounded in the fight in Atlas City, Seigram merged with the assassin Zuuma, becoming a half-mazoku. They lured Lina into Vezendi, and attempted to spring several traps upon her. None of them were successful, however, and in the end, she, once again using Ragna Blade, managed to destroy them both. Neither Seigram nor Zooma appear in the manga.

For a low-ranking mazoku, Seigram is quite fast, and tough. In the novels, Seigram was the only low-ranking mazoku shown to survive a direct hit from the Sword of Light, even though he was wounded to the point where he needed to merge with Zuuma to fight again. Furthermore, although his only means of teleportation is to withdraw to the astral side and reappear somewhere else, he seems to be able to accomplish this with such speed that hitting him with a spell or weapon can prove to be very difficult.