Sherra official

Sherra with her lesser mazoku sword.

Sherra (Japanese: シェーラ Romaji: shēra; she also appears as Sheraal in the Encyclopedia Slayers) is a general of Dynast Grausherra.

She appeared in two Slayers novels from the second story arc, and was killed in the second one by Lina Inverse.

Her sword is actually a lower ranking demon named Dulgofa that has the ability to turn normal humans into lesser demons. It also has the ability to project and deflect magical attacks.

As one of Dynast's strongest retainers, she seems to be very proud of her position. Thus she was quite upset when Lina made her realize that her name is merely derived from her creator's, without any additional thought behind it. She could not actually believe this to be true at first, but Dynast confirmed the fact to her some time before her second confrontation with the Slayers; the news shook her to the extent that Lina later wondered whether she was truly able to fight her and her allies with her full strength during that encounter.

Trivia Edit

  • Her hair-style is very similar to the girl-type Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2. So much so in fact that, when discussing her design, Hajime Kanzaka told Rui Araizumi to feel free to use Ranma as reference.
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