Slayers Challenge is a dedicated fan page aiming for the restoration of the Slayers novels. You can find it here.

With art rewards, flyers, contests, and other promotions, the Slayers Challenge keeps active by rewarding its participants with Slayers-themed paraphernalia. Such artists as Eugene Chung, Irk, and Sora-ko contribute willingly to the cause.

Anyone who submits a letter to TOKYOPOP by snail-mail receives a free Slayers postcard customized to them (favorite character or OTP). Flyers have been produced in both black and white and color versions in varying sizes for varying printers, so you can print them right from home to distribute. Anyone who strives above and beyond the listed ideas on the site or provides new, ingenuitive ideas will be listed as a sponsor and receive moderation priviledges on the forum, as well as various rewards throughout the campaign.

Chat meets are scheduled at least once a month to test the active userbase, keep interest active and create new ideas.

Anyone can make a difference! Even if you don't have the time to dedicate to a long-running campaign, you can write in your letter under the guidance of their guidelines page, which has a few helpful letters for tips, and ways to catch TOKYOPOP's attention. They proudly tote that age, location, size and shape doesn't matter. It didn't matter to Lina Inverse and it shouldn't matter here!