Rezo & Zel's relationshipEdit

Ok, let's try to give some insight to the actual relationship between Rezo and Zel once and for all. I'll check with the actual novel later (since it's much more difficult to find any specific phrase there), but in both the anime and the manga versions, Zel states that:

aitsu wa ore no jiisan ka hiijiisan ni ataruhazu nanda

which translates into "he's either my grandfather (jiisan) or my great-grandfather (hiijiisan)", so as it's already known, the "both relationships theory" is clearly a translation mistake by the English Dub (as if that's something new to us), and you can clearly see that the "great-great-great grandfather theory" is also a miss-understanding (that should have been something similar to hiijiisan no jiisan, "great-grandfather's grandfather"). -shansito (talk) 21:21, January 16, 2014 (UTC)