aka shansito

  • I live in Spain
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Webmaster
  • I am Male

Webmaster of Lost Slayers, a (obviously) Slayers website opened back in 2002, and one of the very few sites that are still alive. Member of KanzakaDex since almost its opening in 2005, and admin since... I don't remember when, but quite a few years already.

  1. E-mail & Skype:
  2. Website: Lost Slayers (spanish & a few parts in english)
  3. LiveJournal: shansito
  4. Twitter: shansland
  5. Tumblr: Shan's Land
  6. DeviantArt: shansito
  7. Blogspot: Shan's Land
  8. Youtube: shansito
(in short: look for either "shansito" or "shansland" in any given forum or social site, and I could be there)Edit

I know a bit of japanese, not much but more than enough to do a few translations from the Slayers stuff I own. All in all, you could say that I've some "expertise" in:

- exposing those tiny little details that'll make you want to Drag Slave me =3
- publications (novels, mangas, artbooks, guidebooks, rolebooks, guides, etc)
- character names (almost every known name in all the series) & appearances
- spell list & incantations in japanese (kanji + kana + romaji)
- lyrics (kanji + romaji)

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