Webmaster of Lost Slayers, a (obviously) Slayers website opened back in 2002, and one of the very few sites that are still alive, as of 2021. Member of KanzakaDex since almost its opening in 2005, and admin since... I don't remember when, but quite a few years already.

  1. E-mail & Skype: shansito@gmail.com
  2. Website: Lost Slayers
  3. Twitter: ShansitoShan
  4. Youtube: shansito
  5. Twitch: shansito
  6. Reddit: ShansitoShan

I know a bit of japanese, not much but more than enough to do a few translations from the Slayers stuff I own. All in all, you could say that I've some "expertise" in:

  • exposing those tiny little details that'll make you want to Drag Slave me =3
  • videogames (having played all of them, most colaborations included)
  • publications (novels, mangas, artbooks, guidebooks, rolebooks, guides, etc)
  • character names (almost every known name in all the series) & appearances
  • spell list & incantations in japanese (kanji + kana + romaji)
  • lyrics (kanji + romaji)