White magic (Japanese: 白魔法, lit. shiro mahō) is made up of spells that heal, protect and exorcise evil spirits. It contains very few truly offensive spells, and even those are effective only against unnatural beings such as undead. White magic is well known inside the mazoku barrier, and also the repertoire of the few sorcerers who exist outside the barrier usually consists of simple white magic spells, such as Lighting or Sleeping. Non-humans, such as the golden dragon Milgazia, have also been known to use white magic.

In white magic there are spells such as Recovery which are used for healing, and defensive spells such as Flow Break and Mos Varim. In addition, there are a few offensive spells such as Holy Bless, which can dispel low-level undead like animated skeletons.

The source of white magic is obscure. As the naming suggests it was introduced as the opposite of black magic[1], which would imply that it draws power from shinzoku. Furthermore, most experts in white magic (like Sylphiel Nels Lahda and Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune) tend to be priests or priestesses. However, it is actually holy magic that uses the power of Flare Dragon Ceifeed and his subordinates.

To avoid inconsistency, in the afterword of a Slayers Special novel, Hajime Kanzaka declared white magic to be a part of shamanistic magic, running under a different name, saying that these spells are actually categorized into white magic because of their effects and not their nature.[2] This, however, only led to even stranger inconsistencies. For example, Zelgadiss Graywords, while being an expert in shamanistic magic, is completely unable to cast white magic spells at the beginning of the novels. On the other hand, Sylphiel Nels Lahda, while being a near-perfect white magic caster, cannot cast a shamanistic spell even as simple as Flare Arrow.



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